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Dr. Tonya R. Pierce 


Meet Dr. Pierce 

Dr. Tonya R. Pierce is a native Delawarean and a graduate of Wilmington University's Innovation and Leadership Doctoral Program.  Dr. Pierce has served as an educator for over 19 years and currently works as a district level administrator. 
As an Educational Leader, Dr. Pierce focuses on educator burnout prevention and building leadership capacity.  She also has a unique passion for youth and young adults that drives her desire to ensure they reach their optimal potential.

Dr. Pierce is also an influential voice that inspires others to pursue their purpose with passion and intentionality. 

Educators of Faith 

Educators of Faith was created in January 2018, to establish a faith-based community that serves as support to one another.  EOF hosts an annual luncheon that brings together educators from Delaware and the surrounding states for an afternoon of inspiration, education, and networking opportunities.

Educators of Faith
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